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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

SADLY - not all ERP systems were born equally!
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Why Implement or Replace Your ERP System

Your ERP system is a mission critical asset.

Is your ERP aligned with, and does it enhance your way of doing business?

If not, it is time to find a system that will!

When selecting or replacing an ERP system  – Get it right the first time, or your company will pay the price for years to come.

Clearly define the problems that need to be solved, and make sure that the implemented SOLUTION will meet YOUR requirements.

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Then you require more than a traditional ERP system

The right “Project” ERP has fully integrated project capability, in addition to having all the features and benefits of an Accounting, Distribution or Manufacturing ERP.

Companies that do business on a project basis, need to manage the business across multiple dimensions such as:

  • Projects
  • Organization

And possibly

  • Inventory
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction

One of the biggest mistakes your company can make is to invest in a “Project” ERP system where the “project” capability was developed by adapting a manufacturing ERP. 

These systems often talk about jobs instead of projects and project deliverables are set up as a type of inventory item, rather than a PBS or WBS item.

A key characteristic of a true Project ERP is the ability to plan, execute, control and report projects by at least:

  • Project Deliverable Breakdown Structure – (PBS)
  • Project Work Breakdown Structure – (WBS)
  • Project Account Codes 
  • Project Cost Codes
  • Project Materials and Equipment, including inventory used on projects and goods manufactured for the project
  • Project Human Resources

Throughout a true Project ERP, all budgeted, actual, and forecast commitments and costs associated with procurement, subcontracts, resource time, equipment, inventory, sales orders, etc. are allocated to the relevant element of the project, as well as the financial account and subaccount.

In a true Project ERP, the project billing is automated and fully integrated with accounts receivable. This provides the ability to invoice clients accurately and efficiently, on the same project, for any combination of:

  • Fixed Price
  • Milestones
  • Recurring (e.g., SLA’s)
  • Reimbursable Time and materials 
  • Prepayments
  • Retentions

The right Project ERP gives critical real-time information to all levels of operations and management to manage projects, and the company, proactively, effectively, and efficiently.

The much-acclaimed Acumatica ERP System may just be the right solution for you

Ultimate accessibility

  • anytime
  • anywhere
  • any device

Unlimited Users

Add users with no additional license fees

Unlimited Data Visualization

Flexible Deployment

  • Public or Private Cloud
    • Azure, 
    • Amazon
    • Private cloud
  • On-Premise
    • MSSQL 

SQL Express

Own it Your Way

  • Full Ownership
  • Subscription


  • Smartsheet
  • Teams 
  • Adobe

Low Code Development

  • In addition to Acumatica’s industry leading platform and 

    • Power FX 
    • Power Automate (Flow) 
    • PowerApps
    • Outlook
    • And many more

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