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Payroll Features

  • Info Slips – Employees have anytime, anywhere access to view earnings, deductions, company contributions & leave balances
  • Company Management – Create Multiple Companies and Multiple Payment runs in 1 SQL database
  • Employee Management – Manage fixed information and records for employees
  • Leave Management – Set up multiple leave definitions for employees and pay types
  • Calculation-engine – Configured for complex payroll calculations: Earnings, deductions, company contributions, leave rules & provisions
  • Medical Aid Management – Complete setup of medical aid rules, simply link the employees to the correct setup
  • Batches – Data can be exported from, or imported into the system with pre-defined templates
  • Reporting – Multiple standard reports available, reports are customizable to your requirements
  • BIM reports – Can be created for your specific needs
  • Audit Reports – available as a standard feature
  • Payslips – Standard or customizable payslips that can be defined as security or plain paper for printing
  • Security – Can be defined per company structure. Segregation of duties can be applied across functions
  • Budgeting – Provides tracking per position for financial cost against budgeted cost
  • Job Costing – Split per employee, can be used for general ledger cost split
  • General Ledger – Multiple segment level integration to accounting software and job costing split
  • African tax countries – Legislation for multiple tax countries are supported
  • Netcash – Same day payment system for all employees which can verify banking details and ID numbers

HR Features

  • Personnel management – Manage employee profile records
  • Skills Management – Manage and maintain critical skills information for skills reporting
  • Equity Management – Manage and maintain equity goals and targets for equity reporting
  • Performance Management – Manage performance contracts and KPA & KPI for employees as well as the company
  • Job & Position Management – Manage all information regarding employee-linked positions in the company
    Job requisition- Simplifies position recruitment

An Employee

  • Submits leave and claims in the system
  • Updates personal information such as address or banking details
  • Completes forms or surveys requested by manager or employer (With free text fork flows)
  • Views payslips and IRP5 certificates
  • Completes Performance reviews

Employee Self Service

  • Multi level approval for leave and claims submitted by employees
  • Personal documents can be uploaded through Employee Self Service with a workflow to be stored in system
  • Realtime tracking of leave and claims on the system
  • Impersonation for employee that does not have access to Employee Self Service to apply for leave and claims (Reduce paperwork)
  • Look and feel is customisable per individual

A Manager

  • Approves leave and claims
  • Requests performance reviews
  • Manages forms and surveys
  • Plans and reviews employees on leave
  • Can update certain transactions on behalf of an employee (Impersonators)
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